Saturday 11 April 2009

Staff Party

Photo: Charlie Bingham, England
One night LA KARINA lost electricity and power because a thunderstorm broke a powerline in Santa Cruz. The staff decided to come over to the other restaurant to have a meal and, like you see on the picture, dancing to the 2 cowboys.

PS, Charlie! It's not possible to send any mails to your mail address
Please, contact us again.


Wednesday 8 April 2009

e@ Charlie and Anne

Hello Susanne & Clas

We arrived home on Friday night to fog and rain at Luton airport.
Since then we have been busy with our family and catching up with shopping and washing cloths. Anne and I would like to thank you for our special nights which we enjoyed tremendously.
We do dance a lot to modern music but enjoy the Country music/dances also as this is why and where we began some 12 years ago.I will send some music tracks as promised in the next emails (to break up the size of attachments).

Anne and Charlie danced with us every possible
night during their stay on Tenerife

I will also send some links of videos I have made on You Tube for you to look at in subsequent emails also.
Last night we danced until midnight at a local disco and I heard another track to a dance you might like, so will send that also.

Charlie and Anne Bingham, England


Monday 6 April 2009

Reduced Sound

Tonight we were surprised by having no bass speaker. The restaurant owner have promised to have a bass bin to our disposal because we use our own bass bin stationary on his other restaurant. Well, something went wrong and we stood there with only two biamp speakers not powerful enough to cover 200 pax. We performed any way - The show must go on - but we sounded like a small transistor radio compared to the neighbour restaurants artists with their 2000 watt PA -system on full trottle. Hope this will never happen again, because it is impossible to sing a song with the neighbours songs sounding louder. Many guests escaped the terrible double sound by changing table or simply leaving totally ... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!


e@ Susanne & Torben

Först vil vi takke for 4 fantastiske aftner i sidste uge, det er den bedste ferie vi nogensinde har haft takket vare jer og jeres gode humör og musik. Jeg har set at i har lagt en video på jeres hjemmeside hvor vi danser på, ville höre om i ikke vil vare söde at sende den til os. På forhand tak... Håber snart at vi ses igen... Stort knus fra.
Susanne og Torben fra Danmark

Klart vi kan sända videoklippet till Er. Ha de gott i vårens tider