Wednesday 26 August 2009

e@ Christine and Joan

Photo is a collage of 3 photos

Well, we have recovered from our holiday in Tenerife. We really
enjoyed our nights in La Karina, and it was great teaming up with Liz
who was really keen to dance and your resident dancer Nancy. From
your website I see you are no longer singing in Las Americas, but are
now appearing at Lewinski Bar in Los Cristianos.

Good luck with your change of venue.

Christine and Joan

Thanx girls !!

Sunday 23 August 2009

Thanks "James"

Every night before starting our "show" the chef Nino or Barbara spoil us with excellent dinners. Many times we get Canaria specialitys and coffee on our choice. Life is hard for an artist .. isn't it ?



Friday 21 August 2009

Linedancer Magazine

We are now listed in the section Where To Dance,
on the Linedancer Magazine web page!
Click picture to zoom in

I have also added their web radio down to the right on this page


Last night ..Shemeeeee ... shemeeeee....

Tuesday 18 August 2009

High Class Lady

The lyrics to this song by the LENNEROCKERS is not to be find on the internet, so I decided to publish it here:

You lived in a big white mansion on the hill
Oh the boys and me struggle hard to pay the bill
Folks say I’ll never make it, but I bet I will

Your dad hates me and I think that suits me fine
But I love you so and I want to make you mine
Choose money or love, we don’t have much time

Hi Class Lady, A pretty babe
I don’t mean maybe, Rock with me tonight
If your daddy finds out, it might end in a fight


Your life is under control of a bodyguard
And the hounddog is barking on the big backyard
Your daddy will stop at nothing to keep us apart

In your big white prison, was all that money can buy
But the half the thrill of a life with a common guy
So jump on a pickup truck, wave your dady bye bye

Hi Class ...
Hi Class


Wednesday 5 August 2009

Well done

A clip from last night: Our youngest linedancer ever. A cute little girl from Belgium dances " Sold" with mummy, dad and Nancy our "house" dancer.