Wednesday 28 October 2009

No Monopoly

There might be people who think they should come and see only us and our country nights. There are a lot of entertainers on the island, so I recommend you go visit any venue. Specially if you visit Tenerife for a short time. We do of course have guests, who like us, loves good country music and linedancing and want to return time after time.


Sunday 25 October 2009

La Karina 22.10.2009

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Foolish Act II

There is some idiot bothering Susanne by sending evil comments on her blog. Of course not under his real name, but "Anonymous". The thing is that you can not be "Anonymous" on internet. Your IP number and other ID-sertificates are registered on the blog, e-mail and visitors counters and statistic programs, so there are at least four backups on the entries leading back to the terminal you are using. Thats how internet works.

So dear Jerk: leave my wife alone and get a life. I have never liked people who take a stand with a hood over their head.

The shit!

Clas Holm
Performing musician
La Karina restaurant
Las Americas
Sta Cruz de Tenerife

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Foolish Act

We finished last Thursday at Lewinski. The sound equipment was put inside the restaurant for shipping to La Karina the next morning. When I came up there at 11 o' clock, I noticed a lot of water around the speakers and the mixing console and amplifier rack. I showed my friend, who helped me move the gear, my bag with tools and cables filled with water. I checked the roof above for a water leakage, but nothing. We did not have any rain that night either.

Opening the mixing console I found out that somebody have pored water in our sound system. There was a mix of our stuff and speakers/amplifiers belonging to Lewinskis at the same spot. Their things were unharmed, but mine was filled with water.

Being a sound engineer and electrician, I knew how to recover and dry out the equipment before starting it up again. But what if I had been just a plain musician, not knowing how to act in this case. The thing is that the power transformers were covered in water. If I had powered up the amplifiers I probably would have died from an electric shock!

Probably just wanted to ruin our music gear, not thinking of making a human death trap by mixing water and 240 Volts, someone should be happy not to have turned out a murderer.


Back at La Karina

Our first night at La Karina was a good night.
It was crowded and we had many line dancers.

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I have published an other video clip from the same night on my blog.
Please, click here if you like to watch it.


Monday 5 October 2009

A Wet Tango .. anyone ?

This is the most popular dance in our home country Finland. The root is Tango of Argentina, but the Finns invented their own dramatic style and steps long time ago ...

Night Snack

The Tenerife Cowboys at Bar Salud ...... Photo: Sue Clere

After some gigs we went to Bar Salud for a night snack. After a while our guest found that out, and started to join us. Some nights we brought in some 10-12 folks and the bar staff looked quit pleased with it. We think it was most healthy to do this. Bar Salud means The Healthy Bar and the Ambulance emergency depot is next door :)


Friday 2 October 2009

Now in Las Americas

We perform at LA KARINA Steakhouse at the root of Tenerife Sol Hotel in Playa de Las Americas.

We are here every night except FRIDAY and MONDAY
Music starts after 20.00 and we play to around 23.00.

You can have a nice meal at the restaurant. We have a friendly staff to serve you and you can request songs and dances from our playlist of about 4000 songs. Welcome !

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Reservation, Call:
922 795 272

Grab "N" in the circle to look around !

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