Friday 27 March 2009

La Karina 2

... would have been a good name to separate the two restaurants we play in. But number two is called Country Grill Karina. It is located between the hotels Andorra and Vulcano and the walk path is called
PASEO CHINYERO. All this just to confuse you even more. To see where we are and when: Click the link under our headlogo.


From Home to Holm

Here is page 13 from the Line Dancers Magazine december issue. The mag arrived this week to Tenerife. Better late than never. Thanx Mac and Chris Bennett for writing so kindly about us ! What you english speaking folks probably don't know is that "Holm" - our last name, means island :)
Click picture for readable size.


Sunday 15 March 2009

We start Tuesday

We have to rest for two more days. Will be back again, back again, back again Tuesday night, March 17th, at La Karina. 20.30 Welcome!


Thursday 12 March 2009

Back in bed

This cold is worse than ever. It is like a hurricane that came on with full strengt. Then we sat 2 days in the storms eye and felt cured. Next thing without warning full strengt again. We have to stay home to recover. We have full support from La Karina, but we are sad to miss so many fine country nights with our guests and friends. We have heard reports from scandinavia, that they also suffer from the same stuff . SIGH!

We plan to stay home for 3 days, but we will let you know, here on the blog, if we can come back sooner. Have a pleasant stay on Tenerife Y'all!


Tuesday 10 March 2009

Tonight Canceled !

The bug atacks again.. Back Wednesday 11/3!


Sunday 8 March 2009

Country Grill Karina 07.03.2009

Please, click on the arrow to watch the
video clip from last nigh at Country Grill Karina.

Thursday 5 March 2009


Monday we visited the restaurant were we have been entertaining for the past years. They had the cowboy Graham Gold on that night, and we have been interested for a long time to see him perform. He was a great fun and we met some old friends from our time at the restaurant.

Where are you performing now? -some asked us. We wondered if the staff of the restaurant have not informed them. They won't tell, was the answer. In fact they say that we have split as entertainers and moved back to Finland. This is of course NOT TRUE. We entertain 6 nights a week in Las Americas with Monday off!

I noticed that the service on our behalf was very slow, and after a while the owners daughter showed up and asked us to leave the restaurant or she would call the police. I was surprised and wondered whats wrong. You are fishing costumers, was her answer. I have called my mother and you have to leave at once!

We do not have to do any fishing because we are crowded at La Karina.

We left and so did some guest around us that overheard the conversation. Next morning I went back to get a confirmation from the owner that we are not welcome. But all of a sudden she could not understand or speak English anymore. I had to leave.


Sunday 1 March 2009