Tuesday 30 December 2008

New Year 2009 !


Sunday 21 December 2008

The Gajol gang

Now again we missed a Danish couple visiting Tenerife. They always bring us GAJOL to oil up our singing throats. So they did this time again. They kindly left the stuff and a Christmas card to the staff for us at Oasis Mango.
Thank you Marianna & Finn. We hope to see you in March instead.

And what is this Gajol ? Well, check out the video clip!


Saturday 20 December 2008

Sherlock Holm

Our sound system today handles 3.600 watts. A normal system for small a restaurant is about 400 - 800 watts. Our music is distributed over 9 amplifiers and spread on the stage, the restaurant roofs, toilets, swimming pool area, terrace and for our monitoring.

I have noticed a power loss in the right side network lately and I could not understand why.
Today I found the reason. Look at the picture. Something heavy have been placed on the 12 meter long cable feeding the amplifiers from our mixer. The right side wire is almost totally cut off. A small error like this will be magnified hundreds of times when the volume is cranked up on a powerful system like this. Fixed it today and can now sleep in peace again.


Read all about it ...

We now advertise in two weekly magazines here on Tenerife, Canarian Weekly and Sveriges Nyheter + a small add in the Linedancer Magazine all over Europe. We hope to reach more Country music lovers and Linedancers this way.

Our add in Canarian Weekly, Page 35 ( 19 dec-8 jan)


Friday 19 December 2008

Thursday 18 December 2008

A Merry Christmas to all ...

This is what Susanne and I were brought up with in Finland.
Walt Disneys Christmas card
. Broadcasted on Swedish Television
3 o'clock every Christmas eve
. Just before the big meal and Santas enterance.
It is still a tradition on SVT1. Started in America 1958 and was called "From All of Us to All of You". In Sweden they call it " Kalle Ankas Jul" ( Donald Duck's Christmas )

And of course. The most broadcasted song ever around the globe

Tuesday 16 December 2008

Back on stage Saturday

We start again after our yearly December vacation on Saturday 20th. We hope to see new and old friends on and around the dance floor at OASIS MANGO's restaurant Alfonso.
Remember to show your Taxi receipt to the waiter if you have dinner. It will be reduced from your bill. Welcome !

Thursday 11 December 2008

Now I Know

...is the title of Susanne's third solo album. Like before it have got 10 country songs. We have spent 3 long days to deliver the new baby and you who pre-ordered, will have it on mail ASAP.

Monday 8 December 2008

CD No 8 under construction

Susanne did well today. Sung all the songs in a relatively short time. Her voice was in good condition as well ... Looks promising ... Now we have to find a nice name for it.


Sunday 7 December 2008

Ray Stone is no longer with us

A shock to all of us in the Country scene of Tenerife to realize that our friend, the singer and musician Raymond Stone have died. We will always remember his devotion to the old classic country songs, his smiling face and funny remarks and jokes. Our hearts and prayers goes to Debbie, his wife who shared the stage with him for many years at the Lewinski bar and the Acapulco bar. RIP.


Thursday 27 November 2008

New Linedance Special

SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME - Performed by Clas & Susanne now have its own dance, Please click HERE for music and dance sheet!


Greeting Card

Click for larger view

What a lovely handmade greting card we got the other day. Are you all that kind and supportive in the Fleetwood-Blackpool area? You really know how to encourage us..Many thanx and welcome back in February!

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Wednesday BBQ

Welcome to join us at the OASIS MANGO BBQ party 19.00 tomorrow. Eat all you can to 21.00. Dancing starts 21.00 to 24.00.
Price 12 euros. Drinx exklusive.

Reservation: 922 753818

Tuesday 25 November 2008

e@ Rhinestone Country

Hi Clas & Susanne,

Paul from the partner dancers in October here.
Hope you settling in at your new venue, will look you up when next in Tenerife (hopefully February).
I have written a line dance to 'Save Your Heart For Me' and attached a dance sheet in case you wish to use it.

We taught it at a big Country & Western Festival in Tenby, South Wales last week and it was well received. Unfortunately I have had to give alternative dances as the track is not available. Is there any chance you could put it as a
download on your website? I could then inform people of its availabilty.

Have a good Christmas & New Year,
See you soon. best wishes


Thanx Paul. Wonderful to have its own dance on SYHFM. I have put up the music and the dance sheet on a downloadable website. Follow the link on the LINKS... area to the left, called Music - Sheets & Videoclips... on this page. If you have a video clip of the dance, please mail it to us and we will upload that as well.

The direct address is:

Welcome in February and Ho HO HO to Y'all !


Thursday 20 November 2008

Barbecue at Oasis Mango

Wednesdays are barbecue nights at Oasis Mango.
You get a variety of meat, salads and Canarian potatoes with Mojo sauces.
The grill buffet starts at 7 pm and we play 9-12.
Price: 12 Euros per person.

Click on the arrow to watch the video clip.


BBQ Wednesday

Susanne is working on a video clip from the BBQ at Oasis Mango. Meanwhile you can enjoy these photos:

The Sheriff and the hotel manager Elli Carlsson before the BBQ opened.

Tenerife Cowboys caught in the action later on


e@ Chris & Mac Bennett

Hi Guys

Well, my little letter plus a very nice photo of you appears in next months Linedancer - hope you like it.

Sorry it was a bit too early to get your new venue mentioned, maybe next time.

Many thanks for making us feel so welcome when we came over earlier in the year - hopefully we will see you again soon.

Best regards (and a very Merry Christmas ha ha)

Chris & Mac Bennett

Thanx for your interest in our work and the report in Linedanser. We have not seen the issue yet, but look forward to reading it. Blessed Christmas to you tooooo Ho Ho Ho ...


e@ Janet and Judith

Hello Susanne & Clas

Judith and myself hope you are both well.

We are really pleased for you and wish you all the luck in the world at your new venue and I am sure it will be a very good move for you as you more than deserve it.

We play your CD all the time and love it and look forward to your new one when you get round to recording it.

Please take care and we will be thinking of you when you take to your pastures new.

Bye for now and thank you for all the hours of enjoyment we have had in your company and look forward to many more in the future.

With love from Janet and Judith xx

Still on Tenerife

After over two years on the same location, people of course still come to look for us at Lewinski. On their question were we have moved, they get the answer that we have disappeared or moved back to Finland.

This is unfair and not true.

We are at Oasis Mango just a bit further up the hill from Lewinski.

The ad in the British papers
( Click for larger wiew)


Wednesday 19 November 2008

Free Ride ...

FREE TAXI to the venue

If you have dinner at OASIS MANGO!

Ask the driver for a "factura" to show when you pay for your dinner, and OASIS MANGO will compensate you for the trip.


Thursday 13 November 2008

The first night @ Oasis Mango

Now we have started at Oasis Mango.
It was a lovely night and very crowded.
We had about 130 guests and the dance floor was
packed the whole night through when we had over 30 line dancers.

Thanx to you all for supporting us the first night!

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

It's possible to watch one more video clip on Susanne's blog.
Just click here.

e@ John and Yvonne

How are you both?
We are that couple from Maastricht in Holland from June that give you
all those dancemusic.
We send you a photo from us so you know who we are.

On Friday 7th we come again to Tenerife and we stay till the 28th of
We hope you are on the same place, other while tell us on time where we
will find you.

Many greetings from John and Yvonne

@ Lorraine and Glyn

Hi Clas and Susanne.

Just a note to say " Best of Luck " in your new venue.
Will find you where ever you try to hide from us?!!!

Love from Lorraine and Glyn. ( Huddersfield )

Tuesday 11 November 2008

@ Tony & Margaret

Hi Clas & Susanne

Just a note to let you know that your picture appeared
in the latest edition of Linedancer Magazine

Some people had been to Tenerife seen you in Lewinski's & recomended that anybody who wants to linedance in Tenerife.

"Lewinski's is the place to go" So there you are fame at last!

Keep up the good work. See you next year.

Take Care

Tony & Margaret
Texasrose Linedancing

Oh, so we are famous now! We won't forget our friends anyway :)


We now appear at OASIS MANGO in Los Cristianos
So that's the place to go now !!!



Friday 7 November 2008


The Management of the REVERON HOTELS in Los Cristianos contacted us some days ago and wanted us to start working for them.
We went over to have a look at the restaurant in Oasis Mango, and met with the managers, and thought it's a nice place.
We have been dreaming of a place inside, specially winter time, and Oasis Mango is inside.

The place is right for us. It's a little off the Cristianos center, but it has got a high standard, specially after a renovation made 2005.
It's possible to extend the dance floor, which is vital for us, and they can seat around 150 people.
The restaurant is called Alfonso's and is sited next to the pool area at the 96 apartment complex. You can walk into the restaurant from the street without having to go into the hotel first.

We agreed and shook hands with the hotel manager as late as 3 o' clock last afternoon.
Everything happened fast and it came like a shock to both us, our audience and the owners of Lewinski that we had our last venue last night.

We'll start next Wednesday 12. 11. 2008. at 21.00.

Now we need some days off to change all our advertising, web blogs, posters flyers etc. And it takes some time to move the sound gear and trim it up to the new place too.

It will, of course, take a while for all our " Fans" to find us at the new place, but we'll do our best to advertise.
We know already now, after only 24 hours, that the word of mouth have been quite effective ... Small town you know.


For table reservation, or direction Call: 922 753 818

Clas & Susanne

Monday 3 November 2008

Line dancers from Denmark

These line dancers from Denmark visited us last week and we had a couple of lovely nights together. They even offered us a show including three different dances.
The dance floor was the most crowded we ever have had with up to 30 line dancers in the same time + a lot of other dancers.
Anita (in black) and Leon Reingard (laying on the floor) are both line dance instructors and Leon did teach us two different line dances at Lewinski which was appreciated.

The Danish dancers are from seven different line dance clubs:

Stomping Boots
Skive Country Liners
Stomping Boots/ You & Me
Jerne IF Esbjerg
Gjesso Linedancers

Thank you all so much!
We hope you enjoyed your line dance week on Tenerife.
Your input made our nights and we hope seeing you here again.


Saturday 25 October 2008

Mixed Grill

The new soundmixer arrived today... and what do you know ... It fits right in to our grill .... The one we use now was damaged by a rain shower some months ago, so we are very happy to get the new one. I'll install it tomorrow so we are prepared when the Danish dancers show up tuesday and thursday.


Wednesday 22 October 2008

The Beverly Club

Did you know there's a line dance club called
"The Beverly Club" in Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife.
Some of the club members visited our venue last Saturday
and we had a really lovely night.
Beverly, the dance teacher in the middle.

Puerto De La Cruz is in the north of the island
and it's about 120 Km (70 miles) to go there from Los Cristianos.
Don't hesitate to pay a visit to the club if you visit the north while on Tenerife.

Wednesdays - Hotel Palmeras Playa 7-9 pm
Fridays - Robin Hood 9.30- Midnight.

We really enjoyed having you here.
Your outfits and dances made the night.
We look forward having you back soon.


Partner Dancers

These lovely partner dancers from England
visited us at Lewinski last week.
They are members from two different line dance clubs called
`The Outpost´ and `Rhinestone´.
They are very good dancers and we enjoyed watching them
dancing on the terrace of Lewinski.

Thanx for the nice dances and for telling us what dances are popular
among the partner dancers.
We hope seeing you all on Tenerife again.


Singin in the rain

Something very rare here on south Tenerife is rain. We know that you peps from Britain is used to it, but we get problems with the sound gear if rain starts poring down. We had a shower some months ago that destroyed part of our mixing console. Two nights back we had a small shower again interfering with the sound. We have ordered a new mixer from Germany, but it is stuck in the customs office in Santa Cruz at the moment. Y viva Espana!


Tuesday 7 October 2008

e@ Alison. Kathy, Jim and Jimmy.

About Faded Love. I knew I had heard this song before and really enjoyed it but Clas sings it better. Enjoyed out time listening to you both and having arrived home to wind and rain cant wait to get back to sunny Tenerife before too long.

Hope you have now learned to do Rebel Amour and Rollin' with the flow. Another beginner dance is teach is Duck soup, music is Restless by Lynne Shelby.

Alison. Kathy, Jim and Jimmy.
"Faded Love" is a Western swing song written by Bob Wills and his brother, Billy Jack Wills. The melody came from an old fiddle tune Bob learned from his father, John Wills. The song was a major hit for Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys (MGM K10786) reaching #8 on the charts in 1950. It became one of his signature songs. (Wikipedia)


Monday 6 October 2008

e@ Mark, Michelle and Candice

Hi both Clas & Susanne,

Hope you are both ok. In case you are wondering who this is, this is Mark, Michelle and Candice from England, U.K.. We came to Tenerife for our first ever holiday abroad this year and we came to see you every night. We bought all 6 of your albums and they are really really good. Listen to them in the car all the time. Michelle you may remember had the mobile disability scooter and Clas called her the blonde in the Rolls Royce.

Anyway just a quick one to say that we have booked 2 holidays next year (2009), one in April and another in August and of course we will be there to see you. (Think you were the reason for booking Tenerife again, someone said to us why don't you try somewhere else in the world and we said no we want to go back and see our country singers Clas & Susanne). So there we go we will be over 14th - 21st April to see you guys.

Hope are still making some new CD's, I know you was planning on a new one around October but if you can do as many as possible then we can buy them all and Clas can get excited again like he did last time..... I think that was because we bouth them on the Thursday and it was day off Friday so he was well happy. He he he.

Anyway hope all is going really well, lots of love and best wishes. Give our love to all in Tenerife.

Mark, Michelle and Candice xx

Thanx, what a encouraging letter. We appreciate every word of it. Many think we have an easy job and living here on Tenerife ... No it is like any job .. Hard work. So thanx again and welcome back !


Sunday 5 October 2008

It's Ok !

It's OK Y'all Dolly says:
- to dance any style with us even if linedance is most popular
- to shoot pictures of us and send them in to info@clasholm.com
- to make video clips of us and send them in to info@clasholm.com
- request dances - preferable in the early evening
- request music - easiest if you request an artist
- buy more than one CD of us - Remember, you can have them signed


Friday 3 October 2008

The first Norwegians

The Scandinavians start arriving now. Tonight we had the first group of Norwegian people visiting us at Lewinski.
The night was lovely and we are so happy to have them back again.

The most of the Scandinavians leave the island in the time of Easter and then they don't come back before in October.
The real big Scandinavian boom is after Christmas when they some nights can be over 50% of the total audience.

Line dancing is also popular in the Northern countries.
Sweden has today over 250 line dance clubs and you find many clubs in Norway and Denmark too, and even some in Finland.

Some people have been wondering if they would bring their country wears down to Tenerife or not. Just feel free to do whatever!
In our place it's alright to be dressed up in boots and hats if you like.

Clas and I are always dressed in this style and sometimes the guests too.
We like to see people in cowboy hats when that fits so well to the whole image of the show, but you don't have to use the country dress code to come and see us.

Many of our songs fit both the line dancers and the other dancers.
Don't hesitate to get up on the dance floor only because the other dance style is there first!
In our place we can have many different styles going on in the same time and when the floor gets really crowded we try to split it up in two different sections.
One for the line dancers and the other one for the couple dancers to avoid unnecessary collisions.
It also happens that the line dancers are doing different dances to the same song.
Be free to choose the dance you want!
One night last winter we had five different dances going on in the same time.
The most important is that everybody get to dance!

The winter season starts on Tenerife and
we look forward seeing you all soon


Wednesday 1 October 2008

Westerbro Linedance

20-25 Linedancers from Denmark plan to wisit us Tuesday 28 and Thursday 30 October. Last year they visited Gran Canaria and this year it will be Tenerife.

We wish them all a safe journey and a warm welcome.

e@ Wim and Ineke Dingelhoff

Thank You both for making our Holiday 2008 so great !
We really enjoyed all our dance-evenings at Lewinski Bar.

We hope to see you again in September 2009 with our friends from England,
Australia and others.

Kind regards and keep it Country !!
Wim and Ineke Dingelhoff, Holland

Thank you, and greetings on your birthday celebrations

e@ Mac & Chris Bennett

Just a quick line to say thank you so much for the fun and great music and fun and dancing plus the fun at the evenings we spent with you guys - I think we managed to dance off some of the many sweets we ate at our hotel !!!

We both like Country music, specially the faster stuff but, in the main we dance to Latin, Irish or Pop music at the clubs we go to in the UK. It was great to hear some of the older stuff but we struggled to remember the dance steps (it's like that when you grow old).

Have you heard "Rollin' With The Flow" by Mark Chesnutt - it's a wonderful Country track with a great Cha Cha dance.

You both have wonderful voices and you're obviously very versatile in what you sing - IT WAS GREAT.

Good luck for the rest of the season and maybe we'll see you next year on your UK Tour

Very best regards

Mac & Chris Bennett.
Yes, we play Rolling with the flow and the latest top dances in the break-sections. No tour in the UK is scheduled, but we are open for business:)

Tuesday 16 September 2008

All included

The kitchen at Lewinski make special meals for the staff. Sometimes it is " the menu of the day" but mostly we get varied meals and Canarian specialities. Here pepper steak and aqua con gas.



Janet and Judith, sisters from England visit us around this time every year . They don't show up just some nights. No, on their 2 week stay they won't miss a single evening at Lewinski. Days are devoted to the playa.


Friday 12 September 2008

e@ Lynn and Alan Massey

Hi Clas and Susanne

Thank you both for making our holiday so special, we really enjoyed ourevenings at Lewinski Bar, dancing all night! I've enclosed the link I startedfor line dancing in the Adeje area. I've also attached a couple of photos.

Keep up the good work for Country Music, hope to see you again next year with our friends from Australia, Holland, Scotland and England.

Kind regards
Lyn and Alan Massey

Thanx Lyn for all you do for us. We are literally out on a desert island and all help is recieved with thankfulness. I've put up the Adeje-link 3 posts below... See y'all next year !


Dance Writers

Tony and Margareth Swift visited us a couple of nights. They arranged a combined vacation and linedance - workshop for 120 dancers from different countries in Playa Arena, South Tenerife. Margareth is a licensed instructor and have choreographed many dances. Husband Tony, musician, provides the music. At the photo session there were many cameras, so it was hard to know what direction to look.

Texas Rose Linedancing, England

Blame it on The Bossa

Brilliant Week

It has been such a wonderful week with new friends and stompers. Our old friends from the past winters have started returning and Lewinski was packed with joyful people all week. On the picture we are from England, Holland, Australia and Finland Yeeehaaaaw !

On the Trip Advisor we are discussed on the forum and people speak all well about us - Thanx !

Thursday 4 September 2008

Billy Be Bad

Wednesday 3 September 2008

From Down Under

We got a nice " we will seek you up" e-mail a month ago from John and Eunice Rowley in Melbourne, Australia. They visited Tenerife a year ago and got stung by the Linedance-bee. Now they have learned some dances and shows up on the Lewinski Terrace every night possible to stomp around to our music.
Their linedance club in Melbourne is called Boots 'n' Us

Sunday 31 August 2008

Guest Star

Sheila Kimber of Winchester, England is doing what you all should do: Combining holiday with a recording session in our music studio. Anyway she just adore country music and now survived the recordings and the sound technician, Sheila will sing some of her songs for you at Lewinski this week. Don't miss this folks!

Signs of winter

Summer is over and the winter birds starts returning to their habitat here on Tenerife. First out is Paul and Patricia. By e-mail rapports we know that more of you will drop down by and by, now in September. We look forward to seeing y'all every Thursday, Sunday - evenings and more.

Cheeeeeeers and Happy Landings!

Saturday 23 August 2008

Back On

Photo: Karen Eve

We had a vision to spend our days off like Lucky Luke in the post below. But it looks like more activity on holidays this century ... not like the old days.

Anyhows ... we've had a break and look forward to meeting all of you friends, old and new ones again. Thanks for calling us up for directions. We know that you do not want to miss us out on your holiday ... and that cut both ways of course.

We'll meet at the Lewinsky Bar between 9 and 12 in the evening STARTING TONIGHT!

Thanks for all your photos Karen

Sunday 10 August 2008

Summer Vacation

We are on holiday

12/8 - 22/8
We start again the evening of saturday the 23:st at 21.00


Thursday 31 July 2008

Jingle Bells

Today I made a Jingle for our CD's

Wednesday 30 July 2008

e@ Dot & Brian

Hi Susanne & Clas

Just thought we would send these photos that we took whilst we were on holidayand to say thankyou for 3 great nights of dancing . We hope you still rememberhow to do Ride the river , I have a friend who is coming out to Los Chritianos in Sept so I have recomended that she comes to see you
Take care hope we will see you soon

Dot & Brian xxx

Tuesday 29 July 2008

CD Display

Yesterday I put up a board inside the restaurant with all our CD- covers on it. On your way to the restroom you can stop by and have a look at it. I'ts at the right of the pooltable . There are flyers of us, our website address and info about the restaurant as well for you to take away. If you want to buy a CD or six... Just contact Susanne or me.


Monday 28 July 2008

I vill tell you diss onli vance

We have been living in many different countries. That spices up our language a bit. The British say that I ( Clas ) sound like the cafe' owner Renee in the series Allo, Allo. I don't know. You can judge that yourself by watching a clip from Youtube. In fact all seasons are uploaded there i think.



I think this is a common scenery summertime in Canarias. The clouds are kind of stuck in the north of the archipelago. Here in south we have a wonderful blue sky and Hi 28 - Lo 24. Just loving it...Click photo for larger wiev and backarrow on your browser to return.


Lewinski staff

Here are your humble servants at Lewinski. Thomas, left, have been here about 1,5 years. He is originaly from India . Andrea is from Uruguay and Adam is from Poland. You don't se much of Adam because he is preparing your food in the kitchen. Barbara down left, also cook. We have a guard nightime. His name is Raul and he is from Cuba. He turns in at eleven and start helping cleaning dishes and emptying trash bins.