Thursday 27 November 2008

New Linedance Special

SAVE YOUR HEART FOR ME - Performed by Clas & Susanne now have its own dance, Please click HERE for music and dance sheet!


Greeting Card

Click for larger view

What a lovely handmade greting card we got the other day. Are you all that kind and supportive in the Fleetwood-Blackpool area? You really know how to encourage us..Many thanx and welcome back in February!

Wednesday 26 November 2008

Wednesday BBQ

Welcome to join us at the OASIS MANGO BBQ party 19.00 tomorrow. Eat all you can to 21.00. Dancing starts 21.00 to 24.00.
Price 12 euros. Drinx exklusive.

Reservation: 922 753818

Tuesday 25 November 2008

e@ Rhinestone Country

Hi Clas & Susanne,

Paul from the partner dancers in October here.
Hope you settling in at your new venue, will look you up when next in Tenerife (hopefully February).
I have written a line dance to 'Save Your Heart For Me' and attached a dance sheet in case you wish to use it.

We taught it at a big Country & Western Festival in Tenby, South Wales last week and it was well received. Unfortunately I have had to give alternative dances as the track is not available. Is there any chance you could put it as a
download on your website? I could then inform people of its availabilty.

Have a good Christmas & New Year,
See you soon. best wishes


Thanx Paul. Wonderful to have its own dance on SYHFM. I have put up the music and the dance sheet on a downloadable website. Follow the link on the LINKS... area to the left, called Music - Sheets & Videoclips... on this page. If you have a video clip of the dance, please mail it to us and we will upload that as well.

The direct address is:

Welcome in February and Ho HO HO to Y'all !


Thursday 20 November 2008

Barbecue at Oasis Mango

Wednesdays are barbecue nights at Oasis Mango.
You get a variety of meat, salads and Canarian potatoes with Mojo sauces.
The grill buffet starts at 7 pm and we play 9-12.
Price: 12 Euros per person.

Click on the arrow to watch the video clip.


BBQ Wednesday

Susanne is working on a video clip from the BBQ at Oasis Mango. Meanwhile you can enjoy these photos:

The Sheriff and the hotel manager Elli Carlsson before the BBQ opened.

Tenerife Cowboys caught in the action later on


e@ Chris & Mac Bennett

Hi Guys

Well, my little letter plus a very nice photo of you appears in next months Linedancer - hope you like it.

Sorry it was a bit too early to get your new venue mentioned, maybe next time.

Many thanks for making us feel so welcome when we came over earlier in the year - hopefully we will see you again soon.

Best regards (and a very Merry Christmas ha ha)

Chris & Mac Bennett

Thanx for your interest in our work and the report in Linedanser. We have not seen the issue yet, but look forward to reading it. Blessed Christmas to you tooooo Ho Ho Ho ...


e@ Janet and Judith

Hello Susanne & Clas

Judith and myself hope you are both well.

We are really pleased for you and wish you all the luck in the world at your new venue and I am sure it will be a very good move for you as you more than deserve it.

We play your CD all the time and love it and look forward to your new one when you get round to recording it.

Please take care and we will be thinking of you when you take to your pastures new.

Bye for now and thank you for all the hours of enjoyment we have had in your company and look forward to many more in the future.

With love from Janet and Judith xx

Still on Tenerife

After over two years on the same location, people of course still come to look for us at Lewinski. On their question were we have moved, they get the answer that we have disappeared or moved back to Finland.

This is unfair and not true.

We are at Oasis Mango just a bit further up the hill from Lewinski.

The ad in the British papers
( Click for larger wiew)


Wednesday 19 November 2008

Free Ride ...

FREE TAXI to the venue

If you have dinner at OASIS MANGO!

Ask the driver for a "factura" to show when you pay for your dinner, and OASIS MANGO will compensate you for the trip.


Thursday 13 November 2008

The first night @ Oasis Mango

Now we have started at Oasis Mango.
It was a lovely night and very crowded.
We had about 130 guests and the dance floor was
packed the whole night through when we had over 30 line dancers.

Thanx to you all for supporting us the first night!

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

It's possible to watch one more video clip on Susanne's blog.
Just click here.

e@ John and Yvonne

How are you both?
We are that couple from Maastricht in Holland from June that give you
all those dancemusic.
We send you a photo from us so you know who we are.

On Friday 7th we come again to Tenerife and we stay till the 28th of
We hope you are on the same place, other while tell us on time where we
will find you.

Many greetings from John and Yvonne

@ Lorraine and Glyn

Hi Clas and Susanne.

Just a note to say " Best of Luck " in your new venue.
Will find you where ever you try to hide from us?!!!

Love from Lorraine and Glyn. ( Huddersfield )

Tuesday 11 November 2008

@ Tony & Margaret

Hi Clas & Susanne

Just a note to let you know that your picture appeared
in the latest edition of Linedancer Magazine

Some people had been to Tenerife seen you in Lewinski's & recomended that anybody who wants to linedance in Tenerife.

"Lewinski's is the place to go" So there you are fame at last!

Keep up the good work. See you next year.

Take Care

Tony & Margaret
Texasrose Linedancing

Oh, so we are famous now! We won't forget our friends anyway :)


We now appear at OASIS MANGO in Los Cristianos
So that's the place to go now !!!



Friday 7 November 2008


The Management of the REVERON HOTELS in Los Cristianos contacted us some days ago and wanted us to start working for them.
We went over to have a look at the restaurant in Oasis Mango, and met with the managers, and thought it's a nice place.
We have been dreaming of a place inside, specially winter time, and Oasis Mango is inside.

The place is right for us. It's a little off the Cristianos center, but it has got a high standard, specially after a renovation made 2005.
It's possible to extend the dance floor, which is vital for us, and they can seat around 150 people.
The restaurant is called Alfonso's and is sited next to the pool area at the 96 apartment complex. You can walk into the restaurant from the street without having to go into the hotel first.

We agreed and shook hands with the hotel manager as late as 3 o' clock last afternoon.
Everything happened fast and it came like a shock to both us, our audience and the owners of Lewinski that we had our last venue last night.

We'll start next Wednesday 12. 11. 2008. at 21.00.

Now we need some days off to change all our advertising, web blogs, posters flyers etc. And it takes some time to move the sound gear and trim it up to the new place too.

It will, of course, take a while for all our " Fans" to find us at the new place, but we'll do our best to advertise.
We know already now, after only 24 hours, that the word of mouth have been quite effective ... Small town you know.


For table reservation, or direction Call: 922 753 818

Clas & Susanne

Monday 3 November 2008

Line dancers from Denmark

These line dancers from Denmark visited us last week and we had a couple of lovely nights together. They even offered us a show including three different dances.
The dance floor was the most crowded we ever have had with up to 30 line dancers in the same time + a lot of other dancers.
Anita (in black) and Leon Reingard (laying on the floor) are both line dance instructors and Leon did teach us two different line dances at Lewinski which was appreciated.

The Danish dancers are from seven different line dance clubs:

Stomping Boots
Skive Country Liners
Stomping Boots/ You & Me
Jerne IF Esbjerg
Gjesso Linedancers

Thank you all so much!
We hope you enjoyed your line dance week on Tenerife.
Your input made our nights and we hope seeing you here again.