Wednesday 20 February 2008

Cut off

We are in line with a corporate WiFi system for internet access. At the time there is some trouble with their connection, We will be back ASAP !

Saturday 16 February 2008

What a pity ...

Julia admires the male part of the Country duo. We met on the beachwalk the other day and she wanted to sit in the cowboys lap. She persuaded the family to vist Lewinski restaurant the same night. Music started at nine and they arrived a couple of minutes later. She asked her dad permission to walk up the stage, but he told her to wait for the break.

I watched her eyes getting longer and longer and about 20 minutes later she fell sound asleep and never woke up any more that night. Poor Julia. No she have to get the family in one more night and probably have an afternoon nap to keep Mr Sandman away.


Tuesday 12 February 2008

Oh my darling Valentine ....

Valentines day, or all the hearts day, translated from Swedish, is coming up Thursday. We were asked to maybe decorate a little on the stage.....Well yes, maybe... but did we last year?. Answer came tonight when Britt-Marie Englund and Max Carlson from Avesta, Sweden presented us a CD with photos from Lewinski from their last visit exactly one year ago. Here we are dressed in red, framed by balloons in the same color. At the time we stood in the doorway between the restaurant and the terrace. Well okay then ... let's say that Thursday might have some surprices in store.

We have heard about a bloody Valentine. But who is this bloody Valentine who got his own day around the globe? We have close friends named Valentine in Florida. They have extra ordinary big and generous hearts. We send them, and all our friends millions of XXX this Valentine !


Sunday 10 February 2008

Cowboys best friend ... the horse

We have had a couple, Pernilla Magnusson and Pär Lagerhäll from Järvsjö, Sweden, visiting us at the Lewinski bar last year and now in february 2008 they came back again. This couple love country and western music and have a beautiful park of horses and horse riding in the middle of Sweden Järvsjö . They have about 15 well educated horses and you can stay at an original Hälsingegård ( old swedish house) over nights and more... They told us that Susanne and Clas´ country music is used on the speakers to get visitors in the right mode on some occasions.. Last week they bought more of our CDs. Their farm is keeping high standards and your trips out cross a beautiful river named Ljusnan nearby the farm. Pernilla told us that their home page is under construction, so for more info soon :


Wednesday 6 February 2008

In every home in Finland

National Television in Finland have asked permission to send a reportage of Clas o Susanne from Los Cristianos in a near future. Why not, we said. It is fun for our friends and relatives to get a glimps of what you holidaymakers and we are up to here at nights on the restaurant. Well, they are going to send some shots from our home as well. So brittons .. Get yourself a finnish satelite dish :)

The actual filming was made on location by Harry Paro
from Sundom "skakan" TV in 2007.
Bengt Klemetz and Ulla Mangs, producers on FST5 (Photo: Cecilia Udd)


Tuesday 5 February 2008

Read all about it !

Look who is in the linedancer Magazine


Sunday 3 February 2008


Well, it was suposed to be our comeback on stage tonight. Instead the flu had a comeback on Susanne by striking her with glogged sinuses. So I'll be alone at Lewinskis tonight again. I've mastered a couple of new songs for Susanne today and i walked down to Scandishop to meet friends and I wrote an article about us for the scandinavian newspaper. A busy Sunday.. Now my dear honeypie shout at me to go shaving before i leave the house. I look like the gentleman on the photo


Friday 1 February 2008

Tom Keenan is dead

Alive and kicking was the slogan on his poster. He stood there on stage night after night doing what he loved the most a long time after he should have retired reallly. He is something of a legend on the Country scene here on South Tenerife. We will miss you.


Hello to Jasmine

Kan ni inte sända en hälsning till Jasmine och hennes engelska linedancevänner och tacka för mitt livs trevligaste danskväll på Lewinskis den 17 januari! Den
lever jag länge på!

Gunnar Flyberg