Wednesday 30 January 2008

Pointer Brothers

Handing out our web address flyers one night, I met this gentleman Jurgen from Berlin. I noticed that he had lost the same finger as me. (left index finger) and I suggested for him to take part in a Magick trick where I first made my finger dissapear... and then I (randomly) asked him up and made his finger go. We really fooled the audience that night. We also have a lady visiting us that lost her right pointing finger.


Schöne Abende im Lewinski`s

Hallo Susanne und Clas II,
dies ist der 2. Versuch. Ich bitte um eine kleine Rückmeldung über den Empfang, anbei die Bilder, die wir während unseres Urlaubs bei Euch geschossen haben. Wir denken gerne an die Abende bei Euch zurück.
Viele Grüße auch von Jürgen.

Mit freundlichem Gruß
Angelika Sy, Berlin

Monday 28 January 2008

Many Linedancers Yesterday

Susanne had to stay in bed, but I run down to Lewinskis to meet the Sunday audience. I was not able to sing any, but I was the Linedance DJ of the year at the restaurant. Well, I had a long list of popular linedances and I had the guests to mark the dances they know. The list got a lot of marks and we could not play all songs because suddently the clock stroke 12. Terrace was full and we had even some guests inside. I did my magic tricks and one hilite was when I called Susanne on the mobile. Thanx to my Nokia 6555 I was abel to wire her trough the PA-system so everybody could hear her. I got a bunch of laughs when i reached a spanish speaking answering mashine at my first attempt to call her. We hope to be back on stage tomorrow Tuesday.


Dancing etiquette

The dancing etiquette is sometimes not practiced enough.
At restaurant Lewinski we have got a quite big dancefloor compare to the floors of the other restaurants here on the island. However, some nights it ends up to be too small. I will give you some hints to think about when you enter a crowded floor.

-Use short steps.
-Keep your arms close to your body.
-Avoid pushing and collisions.
-Save the cool piruettes and spins to a night when its less crowded.
-Stay in the area of the floor that is appropriate for the type of dance you do. (Linedance/ Coupledance)
-Be aware of the balance to avoid falling over other guests table or into the stage.
-Don't go around to tables and pull guests, that don't like to dance, to the dancefloor.
-Avoid long discussings with the musicians while the rest of the dancers have to stand on the floor waiting.

All type of dances are welcome in our restaurant. At the same time! That's why we try to keep two areas on the dancingfloor. Sometimes we have had up to five different types of dancing going on at the same time!

May the dance be a pleasure!

Saturday 26 January 2008

Crystal anniversary

Thank You for all the congratulations cards, words of encouragement and gifts we got for our wedding anniversary last Wednesday.
Without your input it shouldn't been any celebration at all when we both were so ill that we weren't capable to do anything.
This year we celebrated 15 years and we saw in one of the card we got that it's called "Crystal Anniversary".
The crystal pig and bear is a gift we got from friends in West Sussex, England.


Friday 25 January 2008

For better or vorse ...

We are real good shearing partners Susanne and I. Yesterday she gave me her upset stomach and I shared my flu and feever with her. Lets say that's our anniversary presents this year. We now again postpone our comeback on stage to Sunday. I stopped cursing and swearing ages ago, but today I just want to....well...HOLY NUGGETS!

Stanislava and Lars, a nice couple from Järfälla Sweden, wisited us a week ago. They were so happy about our music so they bought all available CD's. They e-mailed us today and liked it still. They own a beautiful place for tourists in Poland. I normaly don't recommend anything but Tenerife, but their place looks wery relaxing and different. I' want to visit there some time. Beside a outstanding enviroment, I guess the music is right.

Wednesday 23 January 2008


We did not notice that the comment sector was limited. That's fixed now. Anyone can leave a comment by name, nickname or totally anonymous.

Tuesday 22 January 2008

Trapped in bed

It started last friday morning. There was no misstake...we are targets for a severe cold. And yes...sunday night I (Clas) lost my voice. I stood there on stage with a high fever, a running nose and piles of toiletpaper. We had to cancel monday and it looks like we do the same tonight because now Susanne is on the upside of beeng down. All this luck is supported by a raging storm from Africa outside. Some banana farms on several islands, have been destroyed and our balcony is filled with sand and dust. We might have to cancel our trip to el Hierro as well :( ....please pass the paper roll honey.....

Sunday 20 January 2008

15 years wedding anniversary

This coming Wednesday we are celebrating our 15 years wedding anniversary and we are going to El Hierro, the small island behind La Gomera.
We are playing Wednesday evening and even Thursday night, but then we are leaving Los Cristianos and we'll be back at Lewinskis Sunday night.
We love to go to a small village called `La Restinga´ in El Hierro. The place is even called "the end of the world".
Last time when we went there it was only 15 passengers on the ferry and the whole island was very quiet. It takes about two hours to go by the ferry from Los Cristianos.
It's the best place to go when you like to have a good rest. Almost no people, no shops, no hurry, no night life and no restaurants with live music...Nice food, caves, nice apartment, nice sea wiew, nice local people, beautiful nature etc. It's really like a paradise.
Some people maybe wouldn't like to spend a holiday in such a quiet place, but for us that live and work in a tourist area on the south of Tenerife, it's perfect.
Last time we visited we drove by car around the island, but this time we don't have any plans to fulfil. We are going to visit some caves that we didn't see last time, that's all.

Wednesday 16 January 2008

e@ Mary Baker

I thought I would send an email as soon as we got home (4am this morning) so you would remember us. You were the high spot of our week in Tenerife despite a fewcolder evenings. Our hotel had no real entertainment and we are line dance and country music fans so your nights were the icing on the cake. I hope we can come
and see you again this time next year health permitting and will attach a photo to remind you who we are.
I dance most nights of the week and belong to several classes but do not had the memory or confidence to lead dances, despite having been dancing for around 12 years and learning weekly from the latest linedancer magazine. You are excellent entertainment and Lewinskis have good service and excellent drinks.

Love Mary and Bun(Wales)

Tuesday 15 January 2008

Distribution in mysterious ways

Yesterday I was called in to a guest. He introduced himself as an entertainer from England, and wanted to give us his complements on our live sound. I´'m happy to hear that -I replied. I'm a sound tecnician and I'm happy if my 30 years experience of sound engineering shows in our live gigs. He gave me his business card and I showed it to Susanne as we started our second hour on stage. Oh, we got a CD of him at home she said. Are you sure ? I asked. Then I , from the stage, told the gentleman that we have one of his CD's at home. He looked more suprised than me. Are you sure? Well after the show he and Susanne found out that we got the CD via a friend of bout of us. Marianne, a swedish lady living here on Tenerife, loves Daves music and wanted us to have one of his CD's last year. I'm now pretty convinced that one of our CD's can be found in humpahinca bribe of hunkadunkaville in Bongo.
Who is this artist then? It is Dave Miller. A veteran in showbiz. Now I'm extra pleased about his judgement of our sound. After all his years on stage, he knows what he is talking about. Good sound on stage is wery hard to get.

Monday 14 January 2008

Beautiful Sunday

(klick on a dancer for a grapewine)

Sunday was absolutely wonderful. We had the terrace occupied with people to 70 procent even before we started the music. Then the terrace got filled and we started to fill the inside as well.
( we have also speakers there ). We had a call on the mobile a couple of ours earlier and the man was asking if there is going to be any linedance tonight. And there was ! We have never had that many dancers on the flor, and in one song I counted 5 different dance-styles at the same time!
We ended the set around midnight in a total party-atmosphere with the song " Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone" Hi, hi, hi .........

It's been a bit quiet after all these hollidays, so we get a kick from watching the terrace been filled up again with Country Music Lovers!

Wednesday 9 January 2008

Inside or outside ?

This time of year it is hard to decide where to play at the restaurant. Will it be out on the terrace or inside. Weather forecast say inside, but many times the extreme south point of Tenerife ( Were we are ) is warmer than at the measuring point of weather (Reina Sofia Airport 260 m above sea level.) The forecast is now:

To be on the safe side : bring warm clothes if you come visit us this week.

e@ Christian Södergren

Ni har tur som åkte tillbaka till Teneriffa, här i Sverige är det minus grader och snö:-( Jag skickar med några foton ifrån mitt besök hoser. Dela gärna med er av fotografierna till servitörerna, det uppskattar dom säkert.
med vänliga hälsningar:
Christian Södergren, Skara on line

e@ Sheila Martin and Ted

Hello to you both. A happy new year to you. I am hoping you remember me and my partner when we visited Tenerife in October 2007. I have attached a couple of photos for you. We had a wonderful time in Tenerife but the highlight of our holiday was meeting you and Clas. You are absolutely the best we saw while we were out there. You and Clas made us feel very welcome and i was over the moon with your show. If you remember, I am country and western mad. .I hope this finds you both in good health. Are you back in Lewinski,s again this year? If not, do you know where you will be? It would be good to see you both again. I'll close for now and hope you receive this e-mail ok. Take care both of you. Sheila and Ted xx

Monday 7 January 2008

New website 2008

Howdy, we now have a new website, this blog -type construction makes it easier to maintain and update and you can now use the more direct "comment" function instead of entries in a guestbook. Photos that you send us by e-mail will be published straight on the site. So we skipped both the guestbook and the photgallery. We will put up links to the old photogalleries 2006 and 2007.

It will take some time to tweak the layout ... and to get a proper map for directions to the restaurant, so be patient. So far we have had 3475 visitors, but this new counter 1.1 2008 vill start from zero . We have been inside at the restaurant due to windy and chilly weather, but we moved back out to the terrace this Sunday. We had many linedancers sunday evening and a good and joyful night. Many winterbirds returned after celebrating hollidays in their native countries. More soon !
Clas & Susanne