Thursday 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

This video clip was made last night.
We will be back on the stage at La Karina
on Saturday the 2nd of January.


Friday 4 December 2009

Thursday 3 December 2009

e@ Alain & Joanna

Hi,Susanne and Clas,

Maybe you dont remember us, but we love your music,and toke a few pictures.
They are not great quality but i think its a fine souvenir.
Greatings from Belgium ,hope to see and hear you again

Joanna, Alain ,country and western lovers

Thank you for visiting with us and for the many photos.
Merry Christmas!

Clas & Susanne


Tuesday 1 December 2009

CD repair

We have had very little complains of the condition of our CD's. However if a CD you bought from us perform poorly, not at all or is damage from unsafe handling, you can try this;

1- Copy the CD to a new one in your computer or laptop, Do not use the cheapest CD brands, they are often of poor quality.

2- Try using a CD repair kit. There are several on the market.

3- Remember that you can rip the CD's to mp3 and use the songs in a mediaplayer.


Linedance Jive

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Thursday 26 November 2009

Our days OFF in December

Tuesday 24 November 2009

e@ Harry Paro

Hej på er och hälsningar från Sundom. Vi vill tacka för trevliga
danskvällar med er och er fina dansmusik. Vi fick njuta av två riktigt
prima veckor på Tenerife med fint väder och mycket motion m.m.
Jag bifogar några bilder som jag knäppte vid La Karina.
Varma hälsningar från
Eidi o Harry

Tack så mytchi å God Jul osv. Clas & Susanne

e@ Klaus Dietzel

Hallo Clas und Susanne
wir waren nun schon das vierte Jahr des öfteren im "La Karina", aber in diesem
Jahr war es für uns am schönsten. Ihr beide habt uns viel Freude gemacht.
Viele Grüsse an den Oberkellner im Hintergrund.

Eure Western- und Countryfreunde aus Deutschland
Klaus und Angelika
Danke schön ! Clas & Susanne

Thursday 19 November 2009

What a sweetheart

Wednesday 18 November 2009

Finnish Tango at La karina

Clas and I are born in Finland.
Our country has a tango culture that goes back to the beginning of the last century.
It's an established variation of the Argentine tango and it was brought to Europe in the 1910s by traveling musicians.
The Finns began to take up the form and write their own tangos in the 1930s.

Two couples from Ostrobothnia, the part of Finland where we come from, visited us the other night and I made a video clip when they were dancing to show you how it looks when the Finns dance tango.
I think it's so beautiful and I just like to watch it again and again.

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.


Tuesday 17 November 2009

Piece of cake ...

Look what we got the other night.
Thank you Julieen from Belgium.

Thursday 12 November 2009

33 dancers

.. on the floor when Leon from Westerbro Linedancers in
Copenhagen taught a new dance.


e@ Melli and Rainer

Rainer, Melli, Clas, Susanne, Marina and Renate

Hi, Susanne and Clas !

Now we are back in cold Berlin.

Greetings to Marina and Renate
They are in Tenerife till saturday.

With our best wishes

Melli and Rainer

Thanx for the many photos from you. We still have warm weather here in Tenerife

Clas & Susanne

Friday 6 November 2009

Crystal Chandeliers

Leon Reingard taught us one of his dances,
The crystal Chandeliers, yesterday.
He is one of the line dance teachers from
Denmark who now are here on the island.

We were very crowded last night again and
about 100 guests who showed up during the night
had to leave when they couldn't get in.
To be sure you get a table, please, come before 8 o'clock.

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

Wednesday 4 November 2009

Linedance Night at La Karina

It was a lovely night yesterday.
Really many line dancers.
The most of them were from Britain, Denmark and Germany.

It's so lovely when people who never have met before can
come together somewhere abroad and do line dancing.
Line dance connects people!

The Vesterbro line dance club + some line dancers from other
clubs in Denmark, are now here on Tenerife.
They have classes in the daytime and visited La Karina last night.
They will be back again tomorrow night (Thursday).

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.
I have also published an other video clip on my blog.
Click here to watch it.


Sunday 1 November 2009

Halloween at La Karina

A line dance group called 'De Rakkers' from Belgium visited us
at La Karina, among other nights, on the Halloween.
They are very good dancers and their input gave
a good "spice" to our show.

I have published one more video clip on my own blog.
Please, click here to watch it.

Thanx to
Benny, Guy, Marleen and Chris.

La Karina 29.10.2009

We are very crowded in the nights now and
I recommend you to come early.
We start playing 8 o'clock and to be sure you get a good
table you need to be there about 7.30.
Many tourists have dinner at La Karina and they return night after
night when they like the meals so much.
That's why the restaurant gets crowded so early.
We play line dance and normal couple dances every
night depending on the audience.

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

Wednesday 28 October 2009

No Monopoly

There might be people who think they should come and see only us and our country nights. There are a lot of entertainers on the island, so I recommend you go visit any venue. Specially if you visit Tenerife for a short time. We do of course have guests, who like us, loves good country music and linedancing and want to return time after time.


Sunday 25 October 2009

La Karina 22.10.2009

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

Foolish Act II

There is some idiot bothering Susanne by sending evil comments on her blog. Of course not under his real name, but "Anonymous". The thing is that you can not be "Anonymous" on internet. Your IP number and other ID-sertificates are registered on the blog, e-mail and visitors counters and statistic programs, so there are at least four backups on the entries leading back to the terminal you are using. Thats how internet works.

So dear Jerk: leave my wife alone and get a life. I have never liked people who take a stand with a hood over their head.

The shit!

Clas Holm
Performing musician
La Karina restaurant
Las Americas
Sta Cruz de Tenerife

Wednesday 7 October 2009

Foolish Act

We finished last Thursday at Lewinski. The sound equipment was put inside the restaurant for shipping to La Karina the next morning. When I came up there at 11 o' clock, I noticed a lot of water around the speakers and the mixing console and amplifier rack. I showed my friend, who helped me move the gear, my bag with tools and cables filled with water. I checked the roof above for a water leakage, but nothing. We did not have any rain that night either.

Opening the mixing console I found out that somebody have pored water in our sound system. There was a mix of our stuff and speakers/amplifiers belonging to Lewinskis at the same spot. Their things were unharmed, but mine was filled with water.

Being a sound engineer and electrician, I knew how to recover and dry out the equipment before starting it up again. But what if I had been just a plain musician, not knowing how to act in this case. The thing is that the power transformers were covered in water. If I had powered up the amplifiers I probably would have died from an electric shock!

Probably just wanted to ruin our music gear, not thinking of making a human death trap by mixing water and 240 Volts, someone should be happy not to have turned out a murderer.


Back at La Karina

Our first night at La Karina was a good night.
It was crowded and we had many line dancers.

Please click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

I have published an other video clip from the same night on my blog.
Please, click here if you like to watch it.


Monday 5 October 2009

A Wet Tango .. anyone ?

This is the most popular dance in our home country Finland. The root is Tango of Argentina, but the Finns invented their own dramatic style and steps long time ago ...

Night Snack

The Tenerife Cowboys at Bar Salud ...... Photo: Sue Clere

After some gigs we went to Bar Salud for a night snack. After a while our guest found that out, and started to join us. Some nights we brought in some 10-12 folks and the bar staff looked quit pleased with it. We think it was most healthy to do this. Bar Salud means The Healthy Bar and the Ambulance emergency depot is next door :)


Friday 2 October 2009

Now in Las Americas

We perform at LA KARINA Steakhouse at the root of Tenerife Sol Hotel in Playa de Las Americas.

We are here every night except FRIDAY and MONDAY
Music starts after 20.00 and we play to around 23.00.

You can have a nice meal at the restaurant. We have a friendly staff to serve you and you can request songs and dances from our playlist of about 4000 songs. Welcome !

Click the photo for printable map

Reservation, Call:
922 795 272

Grab "N" in the circle to look around !

View Larger Map

Friday 18 September 2009

Lewinski 17.09.2009

Please click on the arrow to watch the video clip below.

Friday 11 September 2009

Lewinski 10.09.2009

We had a real nice line dance evening last night.
It was about thirty line dancers!
The first dance on the video clip is called
"Elvis Tonight" and we played it in the first break.
The other dance is called "Human", a song that we sing.

Please click on the arrow to watch the video clip.

Wednesday 9 September 2009

Best of oldies

... is the name of our 9:th CD. It will be on sale tonight. We sell our CD's only on location, at the Lewinsky bar ( daytime ask the bartender) and at ScandiShop in Las Fuentes.

Best of oldies have 18 tracks and cost 15 euro!


Friday 4 September 2009

Lewinski 03.09.2009

Here is a video clip from Lewinski last night.
Please, click on the arrow to watch it.

Click here if you like to watch an other video clip from the same night.

Wednesday 26 August 2009

e@ Christine and Joan

Photo is a collage of 3 photos

Well, we have recovered from our holiday in Tenerife. We really
enjoyed our nights in La Karina, and it was great teaming up with Liz
who was really keen to dance and your resident dancer Nancy. From
your website I see you are no longer singing in Las Americas, but are
now appearing at Lewinski Bar in Los Cristianos.

Good luck with your change of venue.

Christine and Joan

Thanx girls !!

Sunday 23 August 2009

Thanks "James"

Every night before starting our "show" the chef Nino or Barbara spoil us with excellent dinners. Many times we get Canaria specialitys and coffee on our choice. Life is hard for an artist .. isn't it ?



Friday 21 August 2009

Linedancer Magazine

We are now listed in the section Where To Dance,
on the Linedancer Magazine web page!
Click picture to zoom in

I have also added their web radio down to the right on this page


Last night ..Shemeeeee ... shemeeeee....

Tuesday 18 August 2009

High Class Lady

The lyrics to this song by the LENNEROCKERS is not to be find on the internet, so I decided to publish it here:

You lived in a big white mansion on the hill
Oh the boys and me struggle hard to pay the bill
Folks say I’ll never make it, but I bet I will

Your dad hates me and I think that suits me fine
But I love you so and I want to make you mine
Choose money or love, we don’t have much time

Hi Class Lady, A pretty babe
I don’t mean maybe, Rock with me tonight
If your daddy finds out, it might end in a fight


Your life is under control of a bodyguard
And the hounddog is barking on the big backyard
Your daddy will stop at nothing to keep us apart

In your big white prison, was all that money can buy
But the half the thrill of a life with a common guy
So jump on a pickup truck, wave your dady bye bye

Hi Class ...
Hi Class


Wednesday 5 August 2009

Well done

A clip from last night: Our youngest linedancer ever. A cute little girl from Belgium dances " Sold" with mummy, dad and Nancy our "house" dancer.

Thursday 23 July 2009


I also found this old video clip in the camera and decided to publish it.
I think it's from the end of June and Clas was behind the camera.
The dance is called "Closer".
Please, click on the arrow to start the video clip.


Line dancing ladies

I found this photo in our camera tonight.
These ladies from England were line dancing at La Karina a
couple of weeks ago.

We hope seeeing you again next year.


Tuesday 21 July 2009

e@ Tahirih

Hi Susanne and Clas,

I really enjoyed the nights at La Karina and the line dance
too of course.
How are things going on in Tenerife?
Me and my mom found a line dance group
here in my city every Tuesday evening
we start to learn line dance just two
or three dances we learn so next year
when I'm back in Tenerife and you are
still in La Karina I will line dance too :-)

Greetings Johanna (Tahirih) and Tineke from Holland

Wednesday 1 July 2009

Linedance at La Karina last night

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.


Sunday 28 June 2009


Today we reached 100 Members.
The lucky winner of the CD lottery is
LENA STORM in Finland.
Congratulations to you !!!.

The CD will be released in mid July.

Friday 26 June 2009


We have added the Country Grill Karina menu in English (PDF) to the left on this page. VAT not included

Monday 22 June 2009

e@ John & Yvonne


How are you?
End of the week we come to Tenerife.
We have seen that you both now singing on two other places.
We hope you to see on saturday and we bring, with us, some friends of us ( also

We are happy to see you again.
Many greetings and till the end of the week. >>> ( We need Sun! )

John and Yvonne

Saturday 20 June 2009

June scedule

We play only at LA KARINA for the moment.
On the calendar you can see when ( Hilighted)

Tuesday 9 June 2009


Welcome to Y'all 82 members of our FANCLUB on Facebook. One of you will get a free copy of our new CD released in July!

Saturday 30 May 2009


Today we started a
Fanclub on Facebook.

Monday 25 May 2009

Back Soon !!!

We start Tuesday 2 June at LA KARINA.
For directions see top of website!


e@ Stig-Åke o Ingela

Hej! Hoppas ni har det bra. Säkert varmare hos er. Vi har mellan 15-20 grader varmt på dagen. Helt acceptabelt i maj månad i Sverige. Lyssnar ofta på er musik och drömmer om tiden där nere ska försöka komma nästa år igen om allt går som vi vill.

Ha de bra i värmen

Stig-Åke o Ingela

Saturday 9 May 2009


On vacation for the rest of the month. People do not travel much in May, so it's perfect for us to be off stage for a while. We will keep you posted on when we start again here on the blog in the start of June. Relaxed blessings from us to Y'all !



Saturday 11 April 2009

Staff Party

Photo: Charlie Bingham, England
One night LA KARINA lost electricity and power because a thunderstorm broke a powerline in Santa Cruz. The staff decided to come over to the other restaurant to have a meal and, like you see on the picture, dancing to the 2 cowboys.

PS, Charlie! It's not possible to send any mails to your mail address
Please, contact us again.


Wednesday 8 April 2009

e@ Charlie and Anne

Hello Susanne & Clas

We arrived home on Friday night to fog and rain at Luton airport.
Since then we have been busy with our family and catching up with shopping and washing cloths. Anne and I would like to thank you for our special nights which we enjoyed tremendously.
We do dance a lot to modern music but enjoy the Country music/dances also as this is why and where we began some 12 years ago.I will send some music tracks as promised in the next emails (to break up the size of attachments).

Anne and Charlie danced with us every possible
night during their stay on Tenerife

I will also send some links of videos I have made on You Tube for you to look at in subsequent emails also.
Last night we danced until midnight at a local disco and I heard another track to a dance you might like, so will send that also.

Charlie and Anne Bingham, England


Monday 6 April 2009

Reduced Sound

Tonight we were surprised by having no bass speaker. The restaurant owner have promised to have a bass bin to our disposal because we use our own bass bin stationary on his other restaurant. Well, something went wrong and we stood there with only two biamp speakers not powerful enough to cover 200 pax. We performed any way - The show must go on - but we sounded like a small transistor radio compared to the neighbour restaurants artists with their 2000 watt PA -system on full trottle. Hope this will never happen again, because it is impossible to sing a song with the neighbours songs sounding louder. Many guests escaped the terrible double sound by changing table or simply leaving totally ... Gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah !!!


e@ Susanne & Torben

Först vil vi takke for 4 fantastiske aftner i sidste uge, det er den bedste ferie vi nogensinde har haft takket vare jer og jeres gode humör og musik. Jeg har set at i har lagt en video på jeres hjemmeside hvor vi danser på, ville höre om i ikke vil vare söde at sende den til os. På forhand tak... Håber snart at vi ses igen... Stort knus fra.
Susanne og Torben fra Danmark

Klart vi kan sända videoklippet till Er. Ha de gott i vårens tider

Friday 27 March 2009

La Karina 2

... would have been a good name to separate the two restaurants we play in. But number two is called Country Grill Karina. It is located between the hotels Andorra and Vulcano and the walk path is called
PASEO CHINYERO. All this just to confuse you even more. To see where we are and when: Click the link under our headlogo.


From Home to Holm

Here is page 13 from the Line Dancers Magazine december issue. The mag arrived this week to Tenerife. Better late than never. Thanx Mac and Chris Bennett for writing so kindly about us ! What you english speaking folks probably don't know is that "Holm" - our last name, means island :)
Click picture for readable size.


Sunday 15 March 2009

We start Tuesday

We have to rest for two more days. Will be back again, back again, back again Tuesday night, March 17th, at La Karina. 20.30 Welcome!


Thursday 12 March 2009

Back in bed

This cold is worse than ever. It is like a hurricane that came on with full strengt. Then we sat 2 days in the storms eye and felt cured. Next thing without warning full strengt again. We have to stay home to recover. We have full support from La Karina, but we are sad to miss so many fine country nights with our guests and friends. We have heard reports from scandinavia, that they also suffer from the same stuff . SIGH!

We plan to stay home for 3 days, but we will let you know, here on the blog, if we can come back sooner. Have a pleasant stay on Tenerife Y'all!


Tuesday 10 March 2009

Tonight Canceled !

The bug atacks again.. Back Wednesday 11/3!


Sunday 8 March 2009

Country Grill Karina 07.03.2009

Please, click on the arrow to watch the
video clip from last nigh at Country Grill Karina.

Thursday 5 March 2009


Monday we visited the restaurant were we have been entertaining for the past years. They had the cowboy Graham Gold on that night, and we have been interested for a long time to see him perform. He was a great fun and we met some old friends from our time at the restaurant.

Where are you performing now? -some asked us. We wondered if the staff of the restaurant have not informed them. They won't tell, was the answer. In fact they say that we have split as entertainers and moved back to Finland. This is of course NOT TRUE. We entertain 6 nights a week in Las Americas with Monday off!

I noticed that the service on our behalf was very slow, and after a while the owners daughter showed up and asked us to leave the restaurant or she would call the police. I was surprised and wondered whats wrong. You are fishing costumers, was her answer. I have called my mother and you have to leave at once!

We do not have to do any fishing because we are crowded at La Karina.

We left and so did some guest around us that overheard the conversation. Next morning I went back to get a confirmation from the owner that we are not welcome. But all of a sudden she could not understand or speak English anymore. I had to leave.


Sunday 1 March 2009

Thursday 26 February 2009

Signs again

Well, this time it is the sign for the new restaurant. The owner told me it took 10 days for the sign company to replace the tape. Now the parts are spread out on the front lawn. In other words as close as installed you can get. Hopefully it's all in place when we start tonight at 20.00 ! Welcome all!


Monday 23 February 2009

Sun Dance

Does anyone know a Sun Dance? ...We need more sun and warmer
weather PRONTO! . 20 is too cold on Tenerife. Don't you agree ?

Friday 20 February 2009

Shut up

We both lost our voices last night. It's kind of quiet at home right now. Anyway, we have to rest and relax to give everything a new start Sunday. We are sorry to have to cancel performance, but it's good that we are ill at the same time and not on separate weeks. Well... this happens every year at this time.

Se you all again SUNDAY 20.30
at LA KARINA (Hotel Sol Tenerife)


Tuesday 17 February 2009

No Performance

.. tonight due bad flu ...


Saturday 14 February 2009

Sun burn

Look what a nice sun tan we have got on our sign. Well maybe more like freckles. No, It is time to withdraw the big sign now. It have served us well for 2 years and had many adventures of it's own. I can't find a place in my heart to just throw it away, but it's too badly burned to put up anywhere. We could of course make a new one, but at the moment the government is allergic to any kind of sign- advertising.


To all our blog visitors

Wednesday 11 February 2009

La Karina 10.02.2009

Please, click on the arrow to watch the video clip.


We are here

La Karina Steak House
(at hotel Sol Tenerife and Treasure Island in Las Americas)
Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday 20.30 - 23.30

Country Grill Karina
(on the path PASEO CHINYERO between hotel Vulcano
and hotel Andorra in Las Americas)

Thursday, Friday, Saturday 20.00 - 23.00
Info & Booking:
922 795 272

Click picture for printable map

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Tenerife Winter

We know that this is not a popular subject, but as a matter of fact it's been the coldest winter in 36 years here on South Tenerife. My meter outside the studio window said 11,0 celsius 5 a clock in the morning two nights back.

Mount Teide have still been naked all winter, but today I shot a picture that show some snow, even at a lower altitude. You can see that people are dressed in shorts and bikinis, because daytime we now reach up to 22 degrees. Between 10 and 12 in the evening it can be a bit chilly at the restaurant, so remember to wear warm clothes and to order hot drinks instead of cold ones with additional ice in them.