Tuesday 29 April 2008

Request a song

Summertime we add more songs to our playlist. If you have a request, just click the " comment " below and post the name of the song there ... also if you have learned a new linedance and want us to play that when you come visit ...

On the road again ...

...well sort of. We only have a 5 minute walk from home to Lewinski restaurant and ... "Now we are back and will sing more for you" - as Susanne put it after every brake.

The first night, Sunday, we were surprisingly many on the terrace. A lot of (line)dancers and many "old faces" from last spring. Let us call it a successful comeback. We really enjoy evenings with a crowded dance floor. That's more party than just us two making noise from the stage. The first days were pretty hot due to the calima, but now weather is back to normal and it is very nice to play outside. Welcome to dance or just chill out to good old Country Music. We play 9-12 every evening except Saturday.

Holiday was awesome. El Hierro showed its best hospitality with wonderful weather and relaxing sites.

A view over La Frontera, El Hierro from a cliff at 1km altitude.
-- click photo for larger --
Photo: Clas Holm 4. 2008


Thursday 17 April 2008

Holiday time .........

April is a breaking point between winter and summer tourism, and a perfect time for us to go on holiday. Last holiday was before Christmas and we have been entertaining almost every night since then. So we look forward to this week of relaxation and just do the things you tourist do ...nothing much ...

We will go to El Hierro, the smallest island in the archipelago for a couple of days. It is not only a beautiful place, but also a quiet and relaxing one. We have been there a year ago and decided already then to return.
Our vacation is between Friday 18 and Saturday 26.

Sunday 27 we are back at Lewinski.
Hasta Luego !


Saturday 12 April 2008

All Included ...

The all inklusive programs on the hotels and resorts are a stab in the back on our local restaurants and venues. The guests get a plastic bracelet to show up in the hotel area to get discounts and free drinks. The beach and the Sunday market is crowded to the limits daytime, but in the evenings the streets are practically empty.

The govs can't do much about it because the hotels are owned by privates. Many restaurants have closed down and the rest are on the edge to end their business. Because of this phenomenon we have been off a couple of days now. See you Sunday again !


Thursday 10 April 2008

e@ Connie and Les

Hi Clas and Susanne

Thank you very much for the CD. We have been playing it in the car today and it reminds us of our happy times with you both at Lewinskis. As usual the quality is excellent. We would also like to thank you for putting our photo on your website and the lovely note you added to it.

Lots of Love from Connie and Les xx

Wednesday 9 April 2008

Quiet April

After easter there are a couple of quiet weeks in Los Cristianos. That is just a normal thing. The Scandinavians leave the island to attend things involving preparations for summer and ending of the school season. Summers are wonderful in Scandinavia. Instead of 3 hours daylight wintertime you get only 3 hours dusk instead ... and hardly no sleep at all.

Weather on Tenerife have been unstable but warm so with some gusting winds at evenings and a 15 minute shower Sunday we stopped earlier than normal. Weatherbug gadgets on my desktop says 20+ scattered in Tenerife Sur and -1 cloudy in Vasa, Finland right now 3.30 middle of the night. I understand that London also was cold and had snow just some days ago. Brrrr......

I have never lived in a place more stable than South Tenerife. We also have wonderful summers thanks to the gulf stream.

We plan to be at Lewinski every night except saturdays for some time forward, but then we will have our yearly vacation for a week or two.

We will spend our time off here in the Canarian achipelago


Thursday 3 April 2008

The signs returned

People have not noticed the post about this, so we say it again: The signs are back. We had to pay a fine to get them back, but now they are placed inside the fence on private property.
Wonder why the police did'nt take all the flowerboxes trespassing far more than the signs did. They did not even thank us for watering their lawn and trees every day .....


Tuesday 1 April 2008

Autenthic, official wistle

Clas have a train simulator in the PC and try to figure out the craftmanship of a loco-driver. Once, 2 minutes after leaving the platform at a station he hear a distant voice: All abord! Okay maybe left too early then ......
A group of danish people visit our show every time they are on Tenerife. They read about this adventure of Clas and one of them, Marianna, a bar hostess at the Danish railroad (DSB) decided to buy him a whistle pipe. People bring us all kind of stuff. That is nice ! These people also bring us GAJOL, a danish salty liquorice, so we call them the gajol -gang.


The Sunday and Thursday - table

Click for larger picture

All famous artist have their own groupies. Here are some English winter birds of south Tenerife. They have been following us the past 2 years now and have a long table reserved every Sunday and Thursday during wintertime . Cheerful and supporting people that ignite a merry atmosphere in the evenings by singing along and clapping hands. Many are good linedancers as well, and when returning after summer holiday in the UK, they have learned new dances to practice on the dance floor.

Here they are:
Mavis, Ann, Tony, Norman, Rose, Eileen, Theresa,Joan, Len, Alan, Paul, Patricia and Jack