Saturday 25 October 2008

Mixed Grill

The new soundmixer arrived today... and what do you know ... It fits right in to our grill .... The one we use now was damaged by a rain shower some months ago, so we are very happy to get the new one. I'll install it tomorrow so we are prepared when the Danish dancers show up tuesday and thursday.


Wednesday 22 October 2008

The Beverly Club

Did you know there's a line dance club called
"The Beverly Club" in Puerto De La Cruz, Tenerife.
Some of the club members visited our venue last Saturday
and we had a really lovely night.
Beverly, the dance teacher in the middle.

Puerto De La Cruz is in the north of the island
and it's about 120 Km (70 miles) to go there from Los Cristianos.
Don't hesitate to pay a visit to the club if you visit the north while on Tenerife.

Wednesdays - Hotel Palmeras Playa 7-9 pm
Fridays - Robin Hood 9.30- Midnight.

We really enjoyed having you here.
Your outfits and dances made the night.
We look forward having you back soon.


Partner Dancers

These lovely partner dancers from England
visited us at Lewinski last week.
They are members from two different line dance clubs called
`The Outpost´ and `Rhinestone´.
They are very good dancers and we enjoyed watching them
dancing on the terrace of Lewinski.

Thanx for the nice dances and for telling us what dances are popular
among the partner dancers.
We hope seeing you all on Tenerife again.


Singin in the rain

Something very rare here on south Tenerife is rain. We know that you peps from Britain is used to it, but we get problems with the sound gear if rain starts poring down. We had a shower some months ago that destroyed part of our mixing console. Two nights back we had a small shower again interfering with the sound. We have ordered a new mixer from Germany, but it is stuck in the customs office in Santa Cruz at the moment. Y viva Espana!


Tuesday 7 October 2008

e@ Alison. Kathy, Jim and Jimmy.

About Faded Love. I knew I had heard this song before and really enjoyed it but Clas sings it better. Enjoyed out time listening to you both and having arrived home to wind and rain cant wait to get back to sunny Tenerife before too long.

Hope you have now learned to do Rebel Amour and Rollin' with the flow. Another beginner dance is teach is Duck soup, music is Restless by Lynne Shelby.

Alison. Kathy, Jim and Jimmy.
"Faded Love" is a Western swing song written by Bob Wills and his brother, Billy Jack Wills. The melody came from an old fiddle tune Bob learned from his father, John Wills. The song was a major hit for Bob Wills and His Texas Playboys (MGM K10786) reaching #8 on the charts in 1950. It became one of his signature songs. (Wikipedia)


Monday 6 October 2008

e@ Mark, Michelle and Candice

Hi both Clas & Susanne,

Hope you are both ok. In case you are wondering who this is, this is Mark, Michelle and Candice from England, U.K.. We came to Tenerife for our first ever holiday abroad this year and we came to see you every night. We bought all 6 of your albums and they are really really good. Listen to them in the car all the time. Michelle you may remember had the mobile disability scooter and Clas called her the blonde in the Rolls Royce.

Anyway just a quick one to say that we have booked 2 holidays next year (2009), one in April and another in August and of course we will be there to see you. (Think you were the reason for booking Tenerife again, someone said to us why don't you try somewhere else in the world and we said no we want to go back and see our country singers Clas & Susanne). So there we go we will be over 14th - 21st April to see you guys.

Hope are still making some new CD's, I know you was planning on a new one around October but if you can do as many as possible then we can buy them all and Clas can get excited again like he did last time..... I think that was because we bouth them on the Thursday and it was day off Friday so he was well happy. He he he.

Anyway hope all is going really well, lots of love and best wishes. Give our love to all in Tenerife.

Mark, Michelle and Candice xx

Thanx, what a encouraging letter. We appreciate every word of it. Many think we have an easy job and living here on Tenerife ... No it is like any job .. Hard work. So thanx again and welcome back !


Sunday 5 October 2008

It's Ok !

It's OK Y'all Dolly says:
- to dance any style with us even if linedance is most popular
- to shoot pictures of us and send them in to
- to make video clips of us and send them in to
- request dances - preferable in the early evening
- request music - easiest if you request an artist
- buy more than one CD of us - Remember, you can have them signed


Friday 3 October 2008

The first Norwegians

The Scandinavians start arriving now. Tonight we had the first group of Norwegian people visiting us at Lewinski.
The night was lovely and we are so happy to have them back again.

The most of the Scandinavians leave the island in the time of Easter and then they don't come back before in October.
The real big Scandinavian boom is after Christmas when they some nights can be over 50% of the total audience.

Line dancing is also popular in the Northern countries.
Sweden has today over 250 line dance clubs and you find many clubs in Norway and Denmark too, and even some in Finland.

Some people have been wondering if they would bring their country wears down to Tenerife or not. Just feel free to do whatever!
In our place it's alright to be dressed up in boots and hats if you like.

Clas and I are always dressed in this style and sometimes the guests too.
We like to see people in cowboy hats when that fits so well to the whole image of the show, but you don't have to use the country dress code to come and see us.

Many of our songs fit both the line dancers and the other dancers.
Don't hesitate to get up on the dance floor only because the other dance style is there first!
In our place we can have many different styles going on in the same time and when the floor gets really crowded we try to split it up in two different sections.
One for the line dancers and the other one for the couple dancers to avoid unnecessary collisions.
It also happens that the line dancers are doing different dances to the same song.
Be free to choose the dance you want!
One night last winter we had five different dances going on in the same time.
The most important is that everybody get to dance!

The winter season starts on Tenerife and
we look forward seeing you all soon


Wednesday 1 October 2008

Westerbro Linedance

20-25 Linedancers from Denmark plan to wisit us Tuesday 28 and Thursday 30 October. Last year they visited Gran Canaria and this year it will be Tenerife.

We wish them all a safe journey and a warm welcome.

e@ Wim and Ineke Dingelhoff

Thank You both for making our Holiday 2008 so great !
We really enjoyed all our dance-evenings at Lewinski Bar.

We hope to see you again in September 2009 with our friends from England,
Australia and others.

Kind regards and keep it Country !!
Wim and Ineke Dingelhoff, Holland

Thank you, and greetings on your birthday celebrations

e@ Mac & Chris Bennett

Just a quick line to say thank you so much for the fun and great music and fun and dancing plus the fun at the evenings we spent with you guys - I think we managed to dance off some of the many sweets we ate at our hotel !!!

We both like Country music, specially the faster stuff but, in the main we dance to Latin, Irish or Pop music at the clubs we go to in the UK. It was great to hear some of the older stuff but we struggled to remember the dance steps (it's like that when you grow old).

Have you heard "Rollin' With The Flow" by Mark Chesnutt - it's a wonderful Country track with a great Cha Cha dance.

You both have wonderful voices and you're obviously very versatile in what you sing - IT WAS GREAT.

Good luck for the rest of the season and maybe we'll see you next year on your UK Tour

Very best regards

Mac & Chris Bennett.
Yes, we play Rolling with the flow and the latest top dances in the break-sections. No tour in the UK is scheduled, but we are open for business:)