Sunday 9 March 2008

Book tables

The warm weather is back now and we are very crowded in the nights.
A normal night, this time a year at Lewinskis, has about 30-40 % Scandinavians guests and the rest are British with a mix of other nations.
Sometimes we get up to 200 guests during a night and then we don’t have enough of tables and chairs on the terrace. Many times we see people walk back out when they don’t find free tables.
The restaurant has only got two waiters working on the floor in the nights, and when we are busy it’s not enough. It’s really a problem and we are sorry to see people turn away.
If you come to us and the restaurant is full, please, walk up to the bar chairs and wait for a while. Maybe somebody is leaving and you get a table, or the waiters can arrange something for you as soon as they get time. There are often tables and chairs inside that can be carried out.
Some people have started booking tables, every night they come to visit us, and that is a good idea when you never know when it’s going to be over crowded.
Please, talk to the waiters when you like to book a table and point out which table you like to have to be sure you get it.


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