Tuesday 29 April 2008

On the road again ...

...well sort of. We only have a 5 minute walk from home to Lewinski restaurant and ... "Now we are back and will sing more for you" - as Susanne put it after every brake.

The first night, Sunday, we were surprisingly many on the terrace. A lot of (line)dancers and many "old faces" from last spring. Let us call it a successful comeback. We really enjoy evenings with a crowded dance floor. That's more party than just us two making noise from the stage. The first days were pretty hot due to the calima, but now weather is back to normal and it is very nice to play outside. Welcome to dance or just chill out to good old Country Music. We play 9-12 every evening except Saturday.

Holiday was awesome. El Hierro showed its best hospitality with wonderful weather and relaxing sites.

A view over La Frontera, El Hierro from a cliff at 1km altitude.
-- click photo for larger --
Photo: Clas Holm 4. 2008


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