Thursday 22 May 2008

LEWINSKI ..Where and Why?

The restaurant was first named Monica Lewinski Corner...We are happy that the name changed to just Lewinski. Better for us would have been Buffalo Corner or something similar, but it is not easy to swap names on a registered business.

If you ask a Taxi driver to go to Lewinski...he wont know where it is even thou the restaurant has been here for over 20 years. The place is a little bit hidden even if we are in one of the bussiest corners in Los Cristianos ...and front of a taxistation. There is a lot of sombrellas and trees blocking our signs. If you read the information just under the headlogo on this page, you will be alright.

I walked pass Lewinski today and shot a photo so you can see where we are. Oposite the crossing of the last bus parking at the big busstop and in front of the big Hotel Prinsesa Dacil when you stand at the busstop. Best thing to ask the Taxi to go to the busstop in Los Cristianos. Or why not just take the bus .....

See y'all later


We are on a big terrace in the bushes, center of this photo
Click for larger wiev

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