Friday 25 July 2008

La Padrona - The Boss

Among our guests there have been some speculations about who is the the boss of Lewinksis. Is it the little fellow on the know... the one with the Mario Bros mustasch ?

No, no ,,, it is the man in gray hair entering the restaurant about eleven o' clock smiling towards the muscians. Or, is it maybe the blond old lady checking in every evening before the music begins ?!?!

Answer is .. You have seen her .. practically every day and night ... doing everything from cooking, serving, bartender, PR-ing on the street, delivering stuff, cleaning and refilling the cigarette jukebox.

Her name is Manola ... a business woman married to Theo, a businessman as well. They are both originally from the neighbour island, La Gomera. They have run many big business projects here in Los Cristianos for decades and have given Susanne and myself great hospitality and much space in developing our part of the service and entertaintment at restaurant Lewinski.

DOÑA MANOLA - Owner of the restaurant


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