Monday 6 October 2008

e@ Mark, Michelle and Candice

Hi both Clas & Susanne,

Hope you are both ok. In case you are wondering who this is, this is Mark, Michelle and Candice from England, U.K.. We came to Tenerife for our first ever holiday abroad this year and we came to see you every night. We bought all 6 of your albums and they are really really good. Listen to them in the car all the time. Michelle you may remember had the mobile disability scooter and Clas called her the blonde in the Rolls Royce.

Anyway just a quick one to say that we have booked 2 holidays next year (2009), one in April and another in August and of course we will be there to see you. (Think you were the reason for booking Tenerife again, someone said to us why don't you try somewhere else in the world and we said no we want to go back and see our country singers Clas & Susanne). So there we go we will be over 14th - 21st April to see you guys.

Hope are still making some new CD's, I know you was planning on a new one around October but if you can do as many as possible then we can buy them all and Clas can get excited again like he did last time..... I think that was because we bouth them on the Thursday and it was day off Friday so he was well happy. He he he.

Anyway hope all is going really well, lots of love and best wishes. Give our love to all in Tenerife.

Mark, Michelle and Candice xx

Thanx, what a encouraging letter. We appreciate every word of it. Many think we have an easy job and living here on Tenerife ... No it is like any job .. Hard work. So thanx again and welcome back !


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