Tuesday 25 November 2008

e@ Rhinestone Country

Hi Clas & Susanne,

Paul from the partner dancers in October here.
Hope you settling in at your new venue, will look you up when next in Tenerife (hopefully February).
I have written a line dance to 'Save Your Heart For Me' and attached a dance sheet in case you wish to use it.

We taught it at a big Country & Western Festival in Tenby, South Wales last week and it was well received. Unfortunately I have had to give alternative dances as the track is not available. Is there any chance you could put it as a
download on your website? I could then inform people of its availabilty.

Have a good Christmas & New Year,
See you soon. best wishes


Thanx Paul. Wonderful to have its own dance on SYHFM. I have put up the music and the dance sheet on a downloadable website. Follow the link on the LINKS... area to the left, called Music - Sheets & Videoclips... on this page. If you have a video clip of the dance, please mail it to us and we will upload that as well.

The direct address is:

Welcome in February and Ho HO HO to Y'all !



Anonymous said...

Well Clas i have played Save Your Heart For Me over and over.
All i can say is its great to hear you singing what a great voice.
We don't hear enough of you singing
I have tried to transfer the song to a CD but have had no luck as yet.Hope to crack it soon.
Regards Sue

Anonymous said...

To be able to transfer the song to a playable CD, you first have to convert the mp3 format to .wav you old cracker you Sue :)

When will we see you again on Tenerife?