Thursday 5 March 2009


Monday we visited the restaurant were we have been entertaining for the past years. They had the cowboy Graham Gold on that night, and we have been interested for a long time to see him perform. He was a great fun and we met some old friends from our time at the restaurant.

Where are you performing now? -some asked us. We wondered if the staff of the restaurant have not informed them. They won't tell, was the answer. In fact they say that we have split as entertainers and moved back to Finland. This is of course NOT TRUE. We entertain 6 nights a week in Las Americas with Monday off!

I noticed that the service on our behalf was very slow, and after a while the owners daughter showed up and asked us to leave the restaurant or she would call the police. I was surprised and wondered whats wrong. You are fishing costumers, was her answer. I have called my mother and you have to leave at once!

We do not have to do any fishing because we are crowded at La Karina.

We left and so did some guest around us that overheard the conversation. Next morning I went back to get a confirmation from the owner that we are not welcome. But all of a sudden she could not understand or speak English anymore. I had to leave.


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