Sunday 25 October 2009

Foolish Act II

There is some idiot bothering Susanne by sending evil comments on her blog. Of course not under his real name, but "Anonymous". The thing is that you can not be "Anonymous" on internet. Your IP number and other ID-sertificates are registered on the blog, e-mail and visitors counters and statistic programs, so there are at least four backups on the entries leading back to the terminal you are using. Thats how internet works.

So dear Jerk: leave my wife alone and get a life. I have never liked people who take a stand with a hood over their head.

The shit!

Clas Holm
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Anonymous said...

what makes you sure that it is a man,,it could easily be a woman,,as we know women are far more jealous and vengful than me,

Anonymous said...

Well said. You will always get people who are jealous of what you are doing and try to harm you. Ignore them as they are obviously low life.

Anonymous said...

So who's bothering Susanne sending her evil comments ? You found out who is "The xxxxxxxxx cowboy" ? Tell some more gossip hehehe ! Is it somebody I know ?
Just curious...