Wednesday 7 October 2009

Foolish Act

We finished last Thursday at Lewinski. The sound equipment was put inside the restaurant for shipping to La Karina the next morning. When I came up there at 11 o' clock, I noticed a lot of water around the speakers and the mixing console and amplifier rack. I showed my friend, who helped me move the gear, my bag with tools and cables filled with water. I checked the roof above for a water leakage, but nothing. We did not have any rain that night either.

Opening the mixing console I found out that somebody have pored water in our sound system. There was a mix of our stuff and speakers/amplifiers belonging to Lewinskis at the same spot. Their things were unharmed, but mine was filled with water.

Being a sound engineer and electrician, I knew how to recover and dry out the equipment before starting it up again. But what if I had been just a plain musician, not knowing how to act in this case. The thing is that the power transformers were covered in water. If I had powered up the amplifiers I probably would have died from an electric shock!

Probably just wanted to ruin our music gear, not thinking of making a human death trap by mixing water and 240 Volts, someone should be happy not to have turned out a murderer.


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