Tuesday 12 February 2008

Oh my darling Valentine ....

Valentines day, or all the hearts day, translated from Swedish, is coming up Thursday. We were asked to maybe decorate a little on the stage.....Well yes, maybe... but did we last year?. Answer came tonight when Britt-Marie Englund and Max Carlson from Avesta, Sweden presented us a CD with photos from Lewinski from their last visit exactly one year ago. Here we are dressed in red, framed by balloons in the same color. At the time we stood in the doorway between the restaurant and the terrace. Well okay then ... let's say that Thursday might have some surprices in store.

We have heard about a bloody Valentine. But who is this bloody Valentine who got his own day around the globe? We have close friends named Valentine in Florida. They have extra ordinary big and generous hearts. We send them, and all our friends millions of XXX this Valentine !


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