Sunday 10 February 2008

Cowboys best friend ... the horse

We have had a couple, Pernilla Magnusson and Pär Lagerhäll from Järvsjö, Sweden, visiting us at the Lewinski bar last year and now in february 2008 they came back again. This couple love country and western music and have a beautiful park of horses and horse riding in the middle of Sweden Järvsjö . They have about 15 well educated horses and you can stay at an original Hälsingegård ( old swedish house) over nights and more... They told us that Susanne and Clas´ country music is used on the speakers to get visitors in the right mode on some occasions.. Last week they bought more of our CDs. Their farm is keeping high standards and your trips out cross a beautiful river named Ljusnan nearby the farm. Pernilla told us that their home page is under construction, so for more info soon :


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