Monday 14 January 2008

Beautiful Sunday

(klick on a dancer for a grapewine)

Sunday was absolutely wonderful. We had the terrace occupied with people to 70 procent even before we started the music. Then the terrace got filled and we started to fill the inside as well.
( we have also speakers there ). We had a call on the mobile a couple of ours earlier and the man was asking if there is going to be any linedance tonight. And there was ! We have never had that many dancers on the flor, and in one song I counted 5 different dance-styles at the same time!
We ended the set around midnight in a total party-atmosphere with the song " Beautiful Sunday by Daniel Boone" Hi, hi, hi .........

It's been a bit quiet after all these hollidays, so we get a kick from watching the terrace been filled up again with Country Music Lovers!

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Mary said...

It was a wonderful evening on Sunday with lots of dancing for me. We had a great week in Tenerife due in a large part to your evenings which we loved. We will be back if you are there and look forward to seeing you again Love from Mary and Bun (Wales - on a mobility scooter)