Sunday 20 January 2008

15 years wedding anniversary

This coming Wednesday we are celebrating our 15 years wedding anniversary and we are going to El Hierro, the small island behind La Gomera.
We are playing Wednesday evening and even Thursday night, but then we are leaving Los Cristianos and we'll be back at Lewinskis Sunday night.
We love to go to a small village called `La Restinga´ in El Hierro. The place is even called "the end of the world".
Last time when we went there it was only 15 passengers on the ferry and the whole island was very quiet. It takes about two hours to go by the ferry from Los Cristianos.
It's the best place to go when you like to have a good rest. Almost no people, no shops, no hurry, no night life and no restaurants with live music...Nice food, caves, nice apartment, nice sea wiew, nice local people, beautiful nature etc. It's really like a paradise.
Some people maybe wouldn't like to spend a holiday in such a quiet place, but for us that live and work in a tourist area on the south of Tenerife, it's perfect.
Last time we visited we drove by car around the island, but this time we don't have any plans to fulfil. We are going to visit some caves that we didn't see last time, that's all.

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