Tuesday 15 January 2008

Distribution in mysterious ways

Yesterday I was called in to a guest. He introduced himself as an entertainer from England, and wanted to give us his complements on our live sound. I´'m happy to hear that -I replied. I'm a sound tecnician and I'm happy if my 30 years experience of sound engineering shows in our live gigs. He gave me his business card and I showed it to Susanne as we started our second hour on stage. Oh, we got a CD of him at home she said. Are you sure ? I asked. Then I , from the stage, told the gentleman that we have one of his CD's at home. He looked more suprised than me. Are you sure? Well after the show he and Susanne found out that we got the CD via a friend of bout of us. Marianne, a swedish lady living here on Tenerife, loves Daves music and wanted us to have one of his CD's last year. I'm now pretty convinced that one of our CD's can be found in humpahinca bribe of hunkadunkaville in Bongo.
Who is this artist then? It is Dave Miller. A veteran in showbiz. Now I'm extra pleased about his judgement of our sound. After all his years on stage, he knows what he is talking about. Good sound on stage is wery hard to get. www.davemiller.uk.com

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