Monday 7 January 2008

New website 2008

Howdy, we now have a new website, this blog -type construction makes it easier to maintain and update and you can now use the more direct "comment" function instead of entries in a guestbook. Photos that you send us by e-mail will be published straight on the site. So we skipped both the guestbook and the photgallery. We will put up links to the old photogalleries 2006 and 2007.

It will take some time to tweak the layout ... and to get a proper map for directions to the restaurant, so be patient. So far we have had 3475 visitors, but this new counter 1.1 2008 vill start from zero . We have been inside at the restaurant due to windy and chilly weather, but we moved back out to the terrace this Sunday. We had many linedancers sunday evening and a good and joyful night. Many winterbirds returned after celebrating hollidays in their native countries. More soon !
Clas & Susanne

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