Monday 28 January 2008

Dancing etiquette

The dancing etiquette is sometimes not practiced enough.
At restaurant Lewinski we have got a quite big dancefloor compare to the floors of the other restaurants here on the island. However, some nights it ends up to be too small. I will give you some hints to think about when you enter a crowded floor.

-Use short steps.
-Keep your arms close to your body.
-Avoid pushing and collisions.
-Save the cool piruettes and spins to a night when its less crowded.
-Stay in the area of the floor that is appropriate for the type of dance you do. (Linedance/ Coupledance)
-Be aware of the balance to avoid falling over other guests table or into the stage.
-Don't go around to tables and pull guests, that don't like to dance, to the dancefloor.
-Avoid long discussings with the musicians while the rest of the dancers have to stand on the floor waiting.

All type of dances are welcome in our restaurant. At the same time! That's why we try to keep two areas on the dancingfloor. Sometimes we have had up to five different types of dancing going on at the same time!

May the dance be a pleasure!

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