Friday 25 January 2008

For better or vorse ...

We are real good shearing partners Susanne and I. Yesterday she gave me her upset stomach and I shared my flu and feever with her. Lets say that's our anniversary presents this year. We now again postpone our comeback on stage to Sunday. I stopped cursing and swearing ages ago, but today I just want to....well...HOLY NUGGETS!

Stanislava and Lars, a nice couple from Järfälla Sweden, wisited us a week ago. They were so happy about our music so they bought all available CD's. They e-mailed us today and liked it still. They own a beautiful place for tourists in Poland. I normaly don't recommend anything but Tenerife, but their place looks wery relaxing and different. I' want to visit there some time. Beside a outstanding enviroment, I guess the music is right.

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