Monday 28 January 2008

Many Linedancers Yesterday

Susanne had to stay in bed, but I run down to Lewinskis to meet the Sunday audience. I was not able to sing any, but I was the Linedance DJ of the year at the restaurant. Well, I had a long list of popular linedances and I had the guests to mark the dances they know. The list got a lot of marks and we could not play all songs because suddently the clock stroke 12. Terrace was full and we had even some guests inside. I did my magic tricks and one hilite was when I called Susanne on the mobile. Thanx to my Nokia 6555 I was abel to wire her trough the PA-system so everybody could hear her. I got a bunch of laughs when i reached a spanish speaking answering mashine at my first attempt to call her. We hope to be back on stage tomorrow Tuesday.